February 2008

Often mistaken for a cherub:

January 2008

His name is Softy, and we're very close:

December 2007

Here is an actual Rorschach test - some people see me when they look at this picture:


November 2007

I love going to the dentist ... when Mom & Dad are the patients!

October 2007

Do these spectacles makes me seem more sophisticated?

September 2007

Fortunately, I've matured since last month and have renounced my gangster ways:


August 2007 Bonus Photo:

Crime does not pay - for one thing, it cuts into my nap time:

August 2007

Playground equipment can be used as a framing device - when the timing is right:

July 2007

All I remember is that we were at the big annual neighborhood barbecue, and it was
a really hot, sticky day.  At one point I passed out, and when I awoke, somehow I
was in the arms of the wife of one of our Maryland state delegates - Tom Hucker:

June 2007

Do these reflective shades make me look more hip?

May 2007

Does this hat impart a bit more style and flair?

April 2007

Here I am exactly one year since the hospital kicked me out:

March 2007

I took a page out of the Perry Como handbook and wore a sweater to the photo shoot:

                            February 2007

A tip of the hat to my Dad, whose main musical instrument is the electric bass:

January 2007

This photo was taken on the eighth day of January - a Monday, I believe:

                             December 2006

In the past I would use "photo shards" to indicate that I had posted the current photo of the month.  This time, however, I have inverted the process so that the shard itself is the photo of the month. Why? So that you can see my first two teeth:

November 2006

Autumn is in the air - I can just taste it:

October 2006

This photo lends supporting evidence to my assertion that I am not a witch:

September 2006

I don't remember this photo being taken:

August 2006

Are you ready for an extreme close-up?  It's pretty extreme:

July 2006

I like the vertical stripes on these pants because they make me look thin:

June 2006

This month we're bending the rules a bit by allowing, er, four photo(s) of the month:

May 2006

 I awoke one day to discover my head completely bathed in hair - instantly I was transformed:

I tried combing it different ways, experimenting with my bold new look:

April 2006

Sometimes my parents forget that I am a living, thinking, feeling, discerning person and not just a play toy, which admittedly I am. But only on my terms. Bath time, I've quickly learned, can be a vulnerable time and an occasion in which my parents like to engage in a little style and fashion experimentation - always at my expense, unfortunately. The photo session for my very first bath time at home did happen to produce, I begrudgingly admit, the photo of the month for April 2006:

March 2006

Nurse Terri had a great idea for one of those "Let's take this photo now while we can because years later Baby Nick will never believe it was possible" kind of photos. See if you can figure out what that is wrapped around my forearm:

No, it's not a cigar band. Nor is it a twist-tie for a garbage bag. It's my Dad's wedding ring! The ring itself measures almost one inch across. Pretty amazing, eh?

I'll let you in on a secret - the inspiration for my pose in this photograph was the album cover for Iggy Pop's 'The Idiot':

February 2006

My body is currently covered with this soft, downy hair called lanugo, especially on my back and shoulders. Enjoy it now, because it won't stick around for very long. Here's a close-up of my back. Note the swirling pattern right in the very middle - almost looks like the eye in the center of a hurricane: