Next fall I will begin preschool in a building that shares space with a church:

It's important to get a lay of the land, I always say:

In the interim I'm doing part-time sales work in office supplies so
that I will be able to hit the ground running when I begin preschool:

On a brisk Saturday morning Mom and Dad took me to see my first live musical performance inside an elegant old cinema house ~ note the celluloid-inspired artwork:

It was a blazing set - so much so, in fact, that fire
threatened to burn down the beautiful old theater:

At one point I discovered light:

The next day we watched the Super Bowl at a friend's house;
it was a great game, although oddly I can't remember much of it:

I had a chance to get up close and personal with an old trolley car:

I shot a horror film about a giant ladybug - here's where my stunt double took over:

Mom & Dad are pretty good about encouraging me to keep fit by going to the gym:

I recently learned that I will become the caretaker of our old family musket:

Knowledge of my impending birthday has gone to my head just a bit:

On the actual day of my birthday Dad, being the cheapskate that he is,
gave me a parking garage playset from his childhood.  Hold on a second -
Dad just informed me he had to take out a loan in order to get it on Ebay:

Grandpa Dave & Grandma Judy created a custom tote bag for me!

I couldn't resist doing a little showboating on my birthday -
who's number one, indeed:

We had a nice dinner at a local Italian restaurant;
our server even brought out a birthday surprise!

What a difference a year makes, eh?