New Year's Day is always my favorite time to celebrate the number one:

Well, the new year is off and running, and so am I:

Mom came up with the genius idea of constructing me out of Legos:

Dad and I snuck out one night and went down to DC's famed Fish Wharf:

The next day I gave a pep talk to an old family friend on her wedding day- good luck!

Sometimes I get the feeling I'm being watched:

This is what I might look like if I grew up on a farm:

Instead, I live in an urban area where I have to go to nature centers to see turtles:

My bike is calling.  Then again, so is my bed:

Here I am in the frozen food aisle - thinking about Mick Jones:

A real breakthrough moment here having finished reading my first story to the cat:

Oh no, I'm going to fall..                              fooled you!

I hate having to wear dress shoes - they make my feet hurt:

I'm flabbergasted:
I asked for my allowance, and all I got was a dollar!

Here I am back at the supermarket discovering I can shop happily:

With flash (on the left) or without (on the right) - which do you prefer?

My best advice is to play hard if you're going to play:

Every journey in life begins with the first step:

Make sure you nap though before you go: