Here I am in your face on the day of my cousin Jacob's bar mitzvah:

Dad is thrilled that Mom is in training to be an airline pilot.
I, on the other hand, have (pardon the pun) my reservations:

Santa surreptitiously sent one of his scouts to see whether I've been naughty or nice:

Please don't tell Mom I've found a new use for my hobby horse -
she'd be worried sick:

Please, I implore you - listen to this disc:

My peers will tell you that the 'neat look' is not really in vogue:

Fascinating how flannel and a pair of mirror shades can make one appear delinquent:

Here I am betwixt the Washington Monument and the White House contemplating our
Founding Fathers' vision of separation of powers:

Somehow I was completely unaware
at the time this photo was being taken that
just behind me a bobcat was mere milliseconds from capturing a pheasant

Some think my folks are irresponsible for letting me hang out on the streets:

I'm hoping to earn money for college by selling beverages to neighbors and passersby:

Dad took us to a nearby home that was wildly festooned for the winter holidays:

See if you can pick out me and Mom amidst all the lights:

Hey, as anyone seen Nick?

Here I am!

I had to attend some fancy formal affair, hence the top hat:

I love when our local botanical garden invites the public to check out its Christmas
light displays - if only Mom would let me go explore:

Mom had no idea at the time this photo was taken that I was
about to swallow some tiny light bulbs that were still plugged in:

I like to do yoga when out running errands with Dad -
this position is more commonly known as "bored sleeping toddler":

I can sleep anywhere, man:

I'm pretty restless when it comes to eyewear, endlessly seeking the next new look:

Mom did a great job with the Christmas tree this year:

It doesn't make any sense that I would be running away from the tree and all the presents lying underneath it - there really is no rational explanation:

Most people do not know that the National Zoo has a professional football team:

Dad took me to that famous horseshoe bend in Altoona so we could watch the trains:

Looking back on everything that's happened this year - it all seems a big blur:

Always remember - just take life one step at a time: