The first of the month saw me taking some of my first baby steps while on the road
in a public performance in Philadelphia:

I've taken up acting again, but this time I got the part:  I'll be playing a Moroccan musician, who's come to the United States to pursue his studies in the tambourine:

Tip of the hat to Smith Memorial Playground & Playhouse -
home of the Giant Slide (not pictured):

Lo and behold, it's the return of the fruit-striped pants:

I begged and pleaded for my folks to take me back to the beach:

I was so adamant about staying on the beach that night somehow snuck up on us:

Two faces of the Ocean City boardwalk - night and day:

Taking in the light's last remaining rays near the aptly-named and
xquisitely-situated, Sunset Park:

I heard Dad use the expression "trying someone else's shoes on for size" -
so I thought I'd take him up on his offer:

We ended up staying at a pretty wild motel, literally - check out the decor:

We rented a quadrocycle and took in the boardwalk early one morning:

Here I am not at the beach:

Dad took me to the zoo.  I found the zoo's inclusion of farm animals to be a particularly fresh approach.  Rather outside-the-box:

The zoo also had a human habitrail, which was worth the price of admission:

Dad also took me to the local firehouse, so I could climb all over their pumper truck:

Not only do I like to rock, but I also like rocks - big time:

Here I am going for the casual, unhurried look:

Hey, check out me and Uncle Dean as we attempt to stare you down:

Inexplicably, the temporary astroturf in our downtown village green is a huge hit.
Needless to say, the excitement is contagious:

Sometimes it's fun just to stare accusingly at the photographer:

I got to be a part of history when I watched the Washington Nationals play their
last game ever at Robert F. Kennedy Stadium.  I felt the passing of an era:

It's not what you think:

Dad took me on a tour of our county's riding stables, but the best part was the horse-themed hitching post.   I felt myself oddly drawn to it:

Sometimes I'll run off and disappear, but you know where you can always find me -
down at the fountain:

Oh no - not the irresistible lure of Elmo!