Someone just called my name - was it you?

In preparation for swimming classes, Dad suggested that I find some shallow water to wade in -- so I did:

This prompted my folks right then and there to break out their wallets and actually buy me a wading pool - which was my point all along:

Here I am at the post office contemplating non-postal business:

Mom steals a kiss while I thieve her eyewear - guess who made out like a bandit?

Do I look taller when photographed from this angle?

What if position myself in front of this upwardly curving structure?

It's tough having to admit that I'm too old for this vibrating chair:

Let's face it - I like to climb:

Hey, look who came for a visit - my oldest cousin, Daniel:

Please forgive my Dad's latest art experiment - reflection in chrome outside IKEA:

In the middle of June, when summer-like temperatures started to appear, Dad thought it might be a good time to visit the local trolley museum:

We rode a 1951 trolley car built by Canadian Car and Foundry for use by the city of Toronto.  I had fun pretending I was a Canadian riding the trolley back in the 50s:

Here I am posing next to a totem pole for the second time on my website:

Dad and I had the opportunity to visit XM Radio and watch a musical performer tape his show before an audience.  Sadly, I was not able to bump into Bob Edwards:

There are virtual listening booths at XM lining the hallway on one of the floors, but there’s a trick:  one has to situate one’s self squarely on the black dot in the middle of the circular floor space in order to hear the music mix being piped in a highly-directional manner out of a Maxwell Smart-like "cone of sound" suspended directly overhead.  Here I am listening to the Caribou Coffee channel:

Dad said I needed to start helping out more around the house, so I picked up an alligator-powered lawnmower.  Dad wondered how we would feed and shelter the lawnmower - much less prevent it from eating the cat.   He had a point:

Look, up in the sky!  It's a plane.

Stop me if you think it's not such a good idea I'm thinking of taking dance lessons: