Sometimes Dad gets me up before sunrise so we can be the first ones at the gym:

One morning we drove up to Baltimore for a local arts fest.  Lining the streets at various points near the center of the city were these antique shoe scrapers - neat!

Later we talked about ways to jazz up my bedroom interior, so I had Mom and Dad take me to look at some carpet samples ...

... and they in turn they made me accompany them on a local house and garden tour:

That same week we went downtown to check out that big tall pointy thing:

Once we got home, however, I got the itch and had to hit the road again:

Later at the park I rescued the townspeople by taking the wheel of a runaway vehicle and steering her to safety:

That same day I happened upon a mama bear playing with her cub - we posed for pix:

Here I am hanging out with my Mom at Baba & Jim's house:

Later that afternoon Scuppers the wonder dog gathered us all around to relate his great vision for peaceful coexistence:

And then just as quickly as he barked out his impassioned plea for peace,
he collapsed in a heap fast asleep:

Later that day Baba & Jim took us to a wonderful nearby park -
who knew trees could be such fun?

We saw some magnificent specimens, as they say, but at one point it became so overwhelming that I asked Mom if I could have a little time to myself:


The short of it is - I like trees, and trees like me:

Feel like a hamster on a treadmill ... and I love it!

Rice cakes make me contemplative:

Could Dad come out to play one more time, please?

I like the hardness of the gunmetal background contrasted with the lushness of the soft green grass in the foreground:

Fine, I'll go on your swing - but I won't have to like it:

Still sore about the swing thing:

It's fun to incorporate geometry into one's playtime:

Whoever reaches the summit is invariably number one at that moment:

Later I posed next to a rather exuberant art car with California plates parked
at the end of our street - somehow I don't think they're coming back for her...

All of a sudden out of nowhere, the county has begun cultivating coconut trees in many
of the public spaces just up the road in the town center:

I would now like to demonstrate proper technique for executing a front kick in karate:

Here's a quiet moment in Nick history:  the first instance where I stood unsupported on two legs - you can tell by the shadows that both arms are hanging at my sides:

Rejuvenating at home with Mom serving as my footrest - pure bliss:

Reunited with an old friend - and it feels so good: