Quick - what begins with N and ends with -ick?

Winter had such a good time hanging around our neck of the woods that it stayed until April 7th, when it snowed for the last time of the season:

For Easter we traveled to Baba and Jim's house, where I took a refreshing bath:

At this point in my life I am making the transition from formula to whole milk:

And grabbing all the sleep that I can - sometimes while on the run:

Oooh, a camera - gimme!

Great news!  Maya came to stay with us at our house for a few days:

On Saturday we had a few friends and family over to celebrate my homecoming from the hospital.  Here I am accompanied by my friend with the palindromic name, Otto:

How embarrassing - caught pilfering office supplies:

This weekend will make it officially one year since I've been home from the hospital.
To celebrate, Mom took me flying:

Meanwhile Dad took me to a restaurant where I could look down the barrel of a
.50 caliber machine gun of an old WWII American fighter plane:

Here I am in a very periwinkle mood, as is Dad by proxy:

I had to make a decision about life insurance recently, so I went with Allstate:

Had a play date recently with a very hungry caterpillar:

I'm gazing into the crystal ball, but all I see is ... denim:

Sometimes it really does get lonely at the top:

It was such a nice day, I thought it wise to simply lie down and not move:

My royal subjects, now that I have your attention --- I anoint thee general counsel:

Sometimes I enjoy putting my hands up against the wall:

My Dad recently took me to the National Aquarium - no, not the huge fancy one in Baltimore but the cute wee one in the basement of the Department of Commerce Building,
which boasts the nation's oldest aquatic exhibits .  We happened to be there at the time they were feeding the piranhas (not shown):

Dad also took me to Hains Point once he learned that the whimsical sculpture of a half-buried giant, the Awakening, had been purchased by some mean old developer, who plans to dig up the giant and move him to his silly shopping mall.

The fountain is a shopping mall's hearth - its watery embers entrancing all passersby: