Nick, Nick, bo bick;  banana fanna fo fick;  fee fye moe Mick:   Nick!

Oooh, a camera - gimme!

The third day of the third month of the year proved to be an auspicious one as we drove to the local planetarium in the hope of observing (weather permitting) my very first lunar eclipse.  Alas, it was not meant to be, as the weather was not permitting.  However, I did get a chance to meet the planetarium director and astrophysicist,
Dr. Harold Williams:

I recently invented a game called "Empty the Drawers":

This past week I was having a good time at the local gym ...

... when suddenly the cop told me to put my hands above my head:

I was recently forced to go shopping with my folks and thus had fun eluding them by running on top of the large appliances:

Did someone say that dinner is now being served?

Peek-a-boo!  This time I brought reinforcements:

Wouldn't you say I bear at least a passing resemblance to 1992 presidential candidate and political gadfly, Ross Perot?

I had such a good time being the conductor of the train at our neighborhood park ...

... that I got a little carried away and took the family car out for a drive:

At times I am rather taken
with myself:

Would I care to join me in the next dance?

Bought me a little fixer-upper on the edge of the forest:

Don't have much by way of furnishings just yet:

Here's a local monument that says - spread your wings and give flight to your dreams:

I consider myself a rather cosmopolitan kind of guy:

Sometimes I like a simple black background:

Someday soon I hope kitty will trust me to brush his fur:

The nation's capital explodes with color at springtime:

I rented out the Jefferson Memorial so I could have some alone time:

Later I made friends with local legend, George Mason:

I also got a chance to explore (former) federal town, Greenbelt, Maryland, which has a sandstone sculpture in the heart of its town square called 'Mother and Child':

The (former) elementary school features the Preamble of the Constitution illustrated on the side of the building in separate panels:

Hanging out in Greenbelt makes one feel steeped in history:

Spring is a special time in Washington, DC and its environs: