On New Year's Day Mom and Dad took me to Iowa to see the World's Largest Pizza, now an amusement park and major tourist draw:

Fitness is the key - everyday I try to do at least a couple hundred push-ups:

Here I was practicing tai chi at the library when Dad's camera interrupted my flow:

I recently went on another audition, although this one turned out to be very exciting:   a screen test where they had me reenact that famous scene from Hitchcock's
"North by Northwest":

Sometimes in life - like in the movies - you really do simply break out in song:

Last weekend I went record shopping for the first time with my Dad:

As soon as we got home, I played my new records on my DJ junior turntable:

I don't know what it is, but for some reason all I want to do now is practice standing:

Of course, two hands are for babies:

This urge to stand is often accompanied by a powerful itch to climb stairs:

Every so often the cat and I unexpectedly find ourselves seeing eye to eye on things:

My parents recently adopted a raven into the family.  Which doesn't bother me.  Except does he have to sit right next to me on the sofa?

I don't get it:  I have seniority in this family, so why does he have the remote?

Don't public health laws prohibit humans from sharing blankets with birds? 

From the ruins of a local amusement park has sprouted a popular arts and recreation center - a nice mix of the new and old although, oddly, no shooting gallery:

By the way, have you seen my two front teeth, which are starting to sprout?

ince we live just a few miles from the world's oldest continuously operating airport, Dad somehow took leave of his senses and gave me flying lessons for my birthday.  Here I am piloting without the use of hands:

Here I am with my life coach working on the basics - this week it's opposites.
While she's illustrating the concept of up, I'm looking for a place to lie down:

I recently sat for a portrait - ended up standing, actually:

Love to stand           . . .           Love to climb:

Uh, oh - just discovered where they keep the step ladder:

On the last day of the month I got a visit from my Uncle Dean -
just in time for a bedtime bottle while already outfitted for sleep:

Bedtime for Bozo: