Once I get going in the morning, that's it - I'm unstoppable:

Gym class is working out pretty well - I get to meet new kids and play with the latest in cutting edge early childhood playground equipment:

I serve as the block watch captain for our local precinct - most days I stand guard looking out the front door:

Occasionally, my face breaks out in stripes:

Every great once in a while there are days where it is almost impossible to drag myself out of bed:

Although I sure am glad I got out of bed on a cold wintry day and traveled up to Philadelphia in early December to enjoy the outdoor train exhibit at the arboretum:

Back at Baba & Jim's house we had quite a lively discussion around the dinner table:

Early morning light is my favorite kind.  Of light.

Back at home, I continue to try to build bridges with my feline brother but with not much discernible progress from where I sit:

As you know, my Dad can be quite a joker.  Like the time he recently took me to the zoo, and just for fun he had me reach behind and use only my hands to identify the "mystery object" - which turned out to be a gorilla:

Fortunately, the injuries were not serious.  In fact, we very quickly became friends:

Note the blue and green - two colors of which I'm very keen:

I was recently caught on camera in a rather awkward position:

Guess who traveled all this way just to visit me?  None other than Maya, that's who. We hung out at one of my favorite local playgrounds:

Later that day I tried to eat a leaf, much to everyone's chagrin:

You gotta get up pretty early in the morning to keep up with me, by golly:

I walked into a local coffeehouse recently.  The barista asked, "Why the long face?"

To teach me a lesson about car safety, Dad let me ride around unbuckled in the back seat.  It was all great fun ... until Dad got pulled over by a police officer:

Mom and Dad took me to see classic 1950s cinema - "Creature from the Black Lagoon":

The Christmas season is upon us - I can just feel it:


Now it wouldn't be the holidays without traveling to Ohio to see family.   Of course, no trip to Cincinnati would be complete without its internationally-renowned cuisine:

It sure was nice to spend time with Aunt Sue.  I think she likes me, since no one else is allowed to put their feet on the kitchen table:

Fortunately, Aunt Sue and Uncle Dean's house is just a five-minute drive to
Grandpa Dave and Grandma Judy's place:

Grandpa George, my Dad's dad, flew all the way from California to Ohio to be with us this Christmas. We sure had fun cheering for Michigan while watching the Rose Bowl. 
If only the Wolverines had held up their end of the deal:

I had a dream the night before New Year's that I was a slice of pizza: