November began enthusiastically enough:

Music brings me great joy.  It is magical, mysterious - a gift.  Something I take very seriously.  Here I am preparing to compose a solo piano piece:

This photo reminds me - I keep meaning to tell my folks it's time to lower the mattress in my playpen given that I can reach up and hold onto the railing like this:

Mirrors sometimes reveal different aspects of my personality:

Surprise!  Uncle Dean stopped by for a quick visit while here on business exactly nine months to the day I was born.  We shared a story - and a laugh:

This is my first autumn.  The trees I've noticed lately have been particularly dazzling:

Here's a shot where Mom and I are trying to stare down the photographer:

Sometimes in life you put your foot in your mouth.  Or someone else's:

Sitting up may be easy for you, but I have to work at it every day:

But guess what?  I'm starting to crawl now!

Here I am finishing a classic work of children's literature, Peek-a-Who:

Head coverings lend an air of mystery and intrigue, don't they?

I have learned that the fourth Thursday in November is a special day set aside by Americans for giving thanks - a holiday known as Gratitude Day.  Here I am at home with my folks, who are enjoying a nice spread ..

.. while I have to make do with Earth's Best vegetable turkey dinner:

Crawling presents itself with opportunities as well as pitfalls I have learned:

At the same time that I'm learning to crawl, I am also attempting to stand upright. 
Here I am performing a demonstration for Jim, who asked what's up - and I said me:

I'm pretty pleased with myself:

Baba drove to our house for a visit during Gratitude Day weekend.  At one point she introduced me to headphones - my first true stereophonic experience:

Fortunately, Baba brought Jim, and together we went downtown to tour the National Museum of the American Indian in order to learn more about our national heritage:

Later that same night we went to an outdoor festival of lights that tickled my eyes:

You know, I'm starting to get the hang of this crawling thing:

After Baba and Jim returned home, Dad took me to a nearby tourist attraction:  world's largest horn section:

Later I tried out for TV's "Fear Factor."   Here I am wrestling an American brown bear at the audition which was held, bizarrely enough, in a local library:

How curious that it was only a couple weeks ago I struggled to sit upright, and now I don't even have to think about it hardly:

Lately I've discovered that if I simply go with the flow at bath time instead of putting up resistance, it's a much better deal.  Enjoyable, in fact:

I do believe I'm the apple of my mother's eye:

I also think it's time we put November to bed and say good night: