The first day of October was a sad one for local baseball fans as Mom and Dad took yours truly to see the final Washington Nationals game with Frank Robinson at the helm.  It was truly moving to see people pay respect to Frank and his baseball legacy:

It was also exciting to be at RFK Stadium, which is old (1961) by today's standards:

But, alas, once the crowd started to cheer in support of the Nationals' dear, departing manager, my tiny ears were bombarded to the point of panic and distress.  Poor Mom had to whisk me home halfway through the first inning I'm sorry to say.  Hey, speaking of founding fathers (September 2006), I did happen to catch George Washington out strolling in the stands with Abe Lincoln:

Meanwhile, back at home life quietly unfolds:

One weekend we drove to Philadelphia to visit Baba and Jim.  We laughed and laughed:

October 12th - nice, sunny day.  This late in the season I count my blessings each day I can go outside without worrying about having to bring a coat:

Happy:                         Happier:

Oops - wrong direction!

Back to happy:

In my Mom's arms - happiest yet:

Getting ready for Halloween:

In mid-October we went up the road to find some pumpkins out in the country:

Later we joined friends for our annual pumpkin carving competition. It was fun and a little exotic getting attention from someone other than the usual crew:

We set upon our pumpkins with vigor, and after the dust had settled and we had lined up our gourds just so, we were rather pleased with the resulting quality of our combined collection - a formidable display of pumpkin plasmation:

Check out the pumpkin my Mom carved depicting our family:

Oddly enough, I was not terribly chuffed about having to be a pumpkin for Halloween:

Dad did his best to distract me from the matter at hand:

Halloween and its aftermath: