On Labor Day weekend Dad's mom, Maya, arranged a getaway vacation for her three sons and their respective families in beautiful, rugged Western North Carolina -
land of waterfalls.  Here we are enjoying, for instance, Looking Glass Falls:

Unfortunately, someone forgot to wake me when we got there:

The best part of our vacation was being able to spend time with my cousins from Cincinnati whose names, incidentally, are not Larry, Curly and Moe:

This photo was taken mere seconds before I slipped off the end of his lap:

One afternoon we drove to Asheville in order to tour the largest private residence in the United States - the Biltmore.  I even dressed in my snazziest threads in case there was a Vanderbilt around looking to adopt an heir:

We had a wonderful time in North Carolina.  But after nine hours in the car, I gotta tell you, it sure feels good to be back home:

Soon after we got back home it was time to go vote in the primary elections.  The idea of participating in an election was super exciting, since this was something our founding fathers fought so valiantly for when they formed this young republic.  So off we went
to the polls.   Fortunately for us, there was a bake sale that day, too:

Here I am trying to employ a certain rakish charm:

Life is a bowl of cherries, or so they say ...

... but when I'm dressed in this outfit, I'd prefer that you call me Bing:

Some say I have a certain glow about me:

Did I mention already my fondness for large earth-moving machines?

Can I offer you a smile?

Or, perhaps, a laugh?

History captured on film = incorporating solid foods into my diet for the first time:

In the first days of autumn, my folks took me to the zoo, where I had a lovely discussion with a volunteer named Amy, whose specialty is invertebrates:

Later I somehow ended up on the lonely end of a massive old log:

Hard to believe that a tree this big began life as a tiny seed:

A study in lime green (or is it chartreuse?):

Here I am at my local public library for the first time with a real page turner:

Later we stopped by our neighborhood park where I gave a ride to my friend, Softy:

The next day I took my first ride on the Metro train into DC:

I barely got a peek at the sports page when suddenly we reached Chinatown, our stop:

Later it was nice to be back home, where I could hang over the edge of the couch:

On the last day of the month we went to a local arts and crafts festival, where I ended up being serenaded by a women's barbershop group:

Later we encountered the wackiest automobile that ever ran on four wheels:

You had to see it to believe it: