I'm not even six months old and already I can balance a medicine ball on my head:

I went to have my eyes examined by an ophthalmologist. Dad picked up these triangular prisms that were lying on the counter and placed them in front of his camera's lens before pressing the shutter release. The results were, uh, strange:

The next day Mom took me to an audition for a play being held at the local community center. I tried out for a part as a nun. I didn't get it.

Later that same week I ran into my old friend at Buy Buy Baby:

Speaking of giraffes, here's a portrait of me and Jaffe - world's smartest giraffe:

As the photographic record overwhelmingly demonstrates, I like to play hard:

Later in August I made my first appearance at our family's annual Ocean City beachfest. I was nervous that everyone might find out that I don't swim, but to my utter surprise, no one cared. And, to my relief, no one threw me in the ocean. Here's a photo of me in Baba's arms sandwiched between my Mom's siblings' children:

Dad admitted later that he was scared my cousin Mary would beat him up for taking her photograph:

Personally, I prefer peace. So, when Baba's husband, Jim, extended an olive branch, I was only too happy to reciprocate:

Dad was there to capture the magic of the moment when I first sighted the ocean:

Here I am safely ensconced in my slim li'l seaside shanty and outfitted for the beach. Curiously, I loved the tent so much that I never set foot outside it:

Here's a bird's-eye view of my beachfront residence:

Here's a close-up of me with my good friends, the Sun Twins:

This year I decided to experience the beach from afar. Next year I hope to actually make contact with both the sea and the shore. Hopefully, by then, I will be able to refrain from actually eating the sand:

Only one week after we returned home from the beach, we hit the road again - this time to Philadelphia for Jim's big 80th birthday blowout. Shhh, don't say a word. It's a surprise. The birthday boy was tricked into attending by his neighbor, Steve. Here we see the guest of honor arriving in Steve's 1928 Lincoln town car -- announcing his arrival is guest town crier, my Uncle Dimitry:

I turned out to be somewhat of a novelty attraction. I was passed around from person to person like a football. My big book of sudoku sat untouched the entire time:

The fear in this photo is rather palpable is I implore Dad with my eyes to rescue me from the clutches of my cousin, Olivia. Sadly, to no avail:

Later at Baba and Jim's I got to have fun hanging out with my Uncle Dimitry, who drove all the way from Boston. My feet never touched the floor the entire time:

Uncle Dimitry is a huge Boston Red Sox fan - hey, me, too:

Picasso, as we all know, had his Blue Period. So, in fact, did I:

This photographic composition is a variation on a classic - "Still Life with Ear of Corn":

Snug as the proverbial bug in a rug:

Hold the phones! I think we have the Photo of the Month for August. Below is merely an image shard - click on "Photo of the Month" for the real deal:

August 25, 2006 ~ I made history today when I lifted my head decisively for the first time ever while on my tummy - a developmental milestone:

Life is good: