July started off with a bang when Grandpa Dave and Grandma Judy traveled 500 miles just to see little ol’ me:

Believe it or not, I still need help at this point feeding myself. 
Here is Grandpa Dave taking a turn:

Here’s a nice snap of me chillin’ with Pops out back:

Relaxation is an art form in which it’s fun to strive for perfection … and miss:

I have a rather large collection of scarves and other kinds of head coverings.
It’s all part of the Baby Nick look:

July 6th was a really nice cool, breezy day, so Dad set out a blanket in the backyard. It was such a perfect day to be outdoors – I was in heaven:

The very next weekend we decided to kick it up a notch when Dad’s mom, Maya, came for a visit. One afternoon we decided to break in the stroller down at the local park:

Of course, I received a ceremonial lei given the specialness of the occasion:

Things got a little iffy one afternoon when I was instructed to read aloud, but I wasn’t budging:

By now I’ve just gotten to the point where I’m starting to see the humor in things:

As they say, laughter begats laughter:

Here I am going for a “layers of an onion” effect:

After Dad dropped Maya off at the airport, he saw the signs on the parkway for the Netherlands Carillon - next to the Iwo Jima Memorial and Arlington Cemetary - and suddenly got the itch. Shazam, there we were looking at this bizarre black belltower:

Protecting the carillon from evildoers are a couple sleek streamlined lions. I decided to belly up to the beast for maximum safety:

Lately it’s been hot as blazes, but fortunately, we’ve had a chance to get away for a spell this summer to cooler climes. Here’s a photo of me when Mom and Dad drove us all the way to Minnesota to see the world’s largest doughnut:

I am a proud supporter of the federal district’s own National League baseball team, the Washington Nationals:

Nothing like a good nap when you start to feel a headache coming on:

At one point I got to see my uncle Ralph this summer when he was visiting out here on the east coast. He’s very hands-on. I think he likes me:

Dad is a kook – like the time when he held a bib to my face and proceeded to call me “Bluebeard”:

Sometimes it seems we’re always on the go:

Fortunately, we have family and friends who keep me abreast of all the latest styles:

Sometime near the end of the month when it was still insufferably hot and humid, my folks dragged me out to a couple farms who were participating in our county's annual Farm Day. I almost suggested several times we go look for air conditioning, but they seemed to be having so much fun:

Later Dad got to enjoy some up close and personal time with none other than the Rookie of the Year:

What's that below - an image shard? At last! I know you were wondering when we'd got around to Photo of the Month.  Scroll to the top and click on the third tab from the bottom of the menu to see what we've cooked up for July:

I don't remember this tender moment of Mom and me enjoying an afternoon nap.  Must have been out at the time:

They say we youngsters look like angels when we're asleep - is that really true?