In order for you to get a better guage of my size, I decided to measure my length using a packet of Cincinnati chili mix (4 inches x 5.5 inches) as the unit of measure:

Thus, it would appear that I am not quite yet four chili packets in length:

My mom, on the other hand, is at least 22 cans of green beans in circumference:

Here I am being hungrily observed by a lobster while taking a cat nap on the floor; Dad, I would discover later to my horror, stood idly by recording the event on film:

Lately I've enjoyed playing with my new activity mat - that is, until the moment I looked over my shoulder and there staring back at me was a clown:

I recently joined a local community theater group - decided to give acting a try.  Here I am on stage as Golde in "Fiddler on the Roof":

Happiness is catching some Z's with my Mom:

Four months two days old:

Could this mean ... Photo of the Month?

Here I am having one of my morning workouts on my beloved boppy:

Sometimes I like to pretend I'm descended from royalty:

Other times I like to pretend I'm playing bass in a popular jazz fusion group -
when the music starts to soar, I phone my relatives so they can join in the magic:

I like to make my Mom laugh by doing impersonations - here's a shot of me doing my best Jack Benny:

Sometimes all you need to make it in life is a real can-do attitude.  By golly:


Lately, the crude approximations of a smile have been starting to form on my face.  I find it to be an odd sensation though increasingly a pleasant one:


Sometimes it's fun to just bust loose on the activity mat: 

Sleep, however, will always exert its irresistible allure:

Uncle Dean returned in late June for another visit.  He utterly captivated me:

June ended on a lighthearted note as I played the character of Mr. Spock in my Dad’s amateur “Star Trek” theater productions.  Here’s me in a scene where I’m telling everyone to live long and prosper:

Here we are - one big happy family: