Even though I'm still getting used to the idea of having to visit the doctor from time to time, my pediatrician's office, to be fair, is not the worst place in the world. 
In fact, I would describe the atmosphere as playful, sometimes even fun ...

                                 ... and even a bit whimsical:

Things are still a little uneasy between me and the family member with the fur coat. He usually keeps his distance although, interestingly, here is a shot where he and I would almost appear to be enjoying each other's company:

Bath time, unfortunately, is still an occasion my folks find ripe for hilarity and hijinks:

But then again, it's always fun afterward when I get to snuggle with my Mom:

Here's one that I like to call "Still Life with Pear":

Here I am once again extolling the virtues of sleep, glorious, sleep:

I especially like this photo of me enjoying what-had-up-to-that-point-had-been private time with Mom:

On Mother's Day the ladies - Mom, Baba and Aunt Steph, who flew all the way from Minnesota - took me to the local floral zoo for some fresh air and a little botanical splendor:

The flowers were nice enough though a little showy, if you ask me:

Here I am later at a home, where I received yet another celebrity bottle feeding:

Hey, is this another one of those "image shards"?  But wait, how could such an unremarkable photograph, no offense intended, merit "Photo of the Month"?
Let's not rush to judgment - click on the tab for "Photo of the Month" to see just how much progress I've made lately in my growth and development:

Today I went to see my pulmonologist for the second time ever.  He was very pleased with my progress since the last visit - three pounds plus in just a little over 1 month!
By the way, you can click on the "Vital Statistics" tab to see my latest numbers:

Lately I've become a lot more aware of my surroundings.  I've also begun to check myself out in a mirror - either that or there's a little guy who looks just like me in the playpen immediately next to mine:

Sleep meanwhile continues to exert its irresistible force over my entire being:

Sometimes I'm at a loss for words - how about if you write the caption?

No, really - sometimes the best moments are the simplest ones: