Today I was formally introduced to every tot's bath toy of choice - a rubber ducky:

I somehow talked a worm into taking a series of photographs:

Here I am exactly one year old = three hundred sixty-five days since I was born:

Happy birthday to me!   Extra special thanks to Chef Michele for the fabulous cake:

Still haven't quite yet figured out the rubber ducky:

There's a lot of geometry going on in this picture:

I believe it's important to dress for success:

Bit by bit I'm wearing down Kitty's defenses - we'll be breaking bread by year's end:

Sometimes you simply have to read between the lines:

How wonderful it is that Uncle Dean is able to visit so often; how sad it was, unfortunately, that even his tuneful warblings that evening could not cure my blues:

As soon as the weather got nice, Dad took me into the federal district for a little artful exploration.  Here we are at the Smithsonian Castle:

Taking in this particular Mark di Suvero sculpture:

Dad, believe it or not, really seemed to enjoy a lot of this modernist art:

I, however, was finding a lot of this stuff to be rather boring:

Until, that is, we got to the National Air & Space Museum:

Incredible how these rockets have been to outer space and back to tell us about it:

Once we got home I put on my magic fantasy specs - hmmm, what should I envision?

Why, I'll be Superman - soaring like a rocket overhead, on the lookout for evildoers:

But even superheroes need their nutrition:

Let's not write winter completely out of the picture just yet:

These days I am very much a stand-up kind of guy:

Who doesn't love a good story on a cold wintry day?

I'm telling you, our relationship just keeps getting better and better:

This photo, you might not be surprised to learn, is not my Mom's favorite: